Who's Here

The following companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street.

Several companies are incubating inside the university’s current Innovation Park footprint that is within this facility. For information on startup incubation and acceleration space and resources, please click here.

The remaining companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street. Many participate in and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. For general leasing enquiries please contact GGTC, the owner of the facility.

1001Squared is a social enterprise with the goal to facilitate and advance the use of artificial intelligence to improve the experience of students in schools and enhance educations especially in underprivileged and under-served areas of the world.

14 Theories Inc. is a web development company specializing in custom and complex websites that integrate, e-commerce and content management systems supported by effective online marketing strategies. 14 Theories works in a variety of business sectors helping organizations to build their on-line presence and web marketing campaigns.

ALCERECO is an Advanced Materials development company that provides services and specialty processing capabilities to companies innovating in a diverse range of markets.

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) is a medical information technology company that uses advanced signal processing techniques for the purposes of identifying and assessing disease with an initial focus on coronary artery disease. Through proprietary variable extraction and machine learned algorithms, A4L develops noninvasive and cost-effective solutions that reveal previously hidden information about a patient’s health status from within their physiologic signals. A4L is focused on refining its platform technology that has the potential to address various disease states.

Innovation Park at Queen's University is a member of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) Canada. Fostering innovation, commercialization and economic growth in a global economy through university, industry and government partnerships.

BizSkills Academy is an online platform that provides experiential learning for entrepreneurship and new venture creation. We help nurture business ideas into scalable startups through well-tested and proven methodologies by empowering entrepreneurs and providing them with the tools and understanding they need to succeed.

Canarmony Corp. is a small Kingston-based Canadian startup with a focus on developing and enhancing harmony at home and in the office for all one step at a time. The company creates applications that simplify work and enhance quality of life everywhere. 

The corporation is projected to be a world leader in applying mathematical algorithms to save time, reduce errors, add efficiencies, convenience and peace of mind, and integrate tools and individuals. Canarmony Corp. innovates and introduces technology into better working, learning, and connecting.

As manager of Canada’s National Design Network, CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry, providing commercial-calibre tools, systems, expertise, services, and access to world-class infrastructure for designing, prototyping and manufacturing innovations in microsystems and nanotechnologies. CMC provides a path to commercialization of related technologies, and enables the development and sharing of new tools, methodologies and processes to make researchers and industry more productive.

Croptracker is a crop and farm management software company focused on the fruit, vegetable, greenhouse, and specialty crops sectors. Croptracker helps producers and processors with labor tracking, traceability, spraying, harvest, packing, storage and shipping of their crops. 

Dragonfly Information Technology Inc. offers expertise in a wide range of software development languages and techniques to provide your business with the best possible custom software solution.

We provide a unique blend of agile software development methodologies combined with onsite analysis. We put software in your hands quickly and as you decide it should be. We provide the means and recommend technologies to build your custom software project on time and on budget.