Success Stories

Sunday June 5, 2016
By Andrew Carroll, Gazette Editor
Fostering connections in research and innovation, and raising awareness about Queen’s were the aims of a recent visit to Boston by Vice-Principal (Research) Steven Liss.

Story by Ian Coutts. Photo by Bernard Clark.

Natasha Baziuk wants Gryllies, the startup she co-founded, to help the world by changing the way we eat – one cricket at a time.

Story by Ian Coutts. Photo courtesy BOJAK Manufacturing.

March 2016 - Story by Ian Coutts

Photo courtesy Garrett Elliott Photography

Enviro Innovate Corporation is building a pipeline. That’s not what you might expect to hear from a clean-tech business, but the “pipeline” in question moves innovative ideas to the market instead of oil or gas. This pipeline also flows in two directions.

Story by Ian Coutts. Photo courtesy of Scent Trunk.

Photo courtesy Greg Black Photography

Call it a recipe for innovation: take one professor with ideas but limited time and resources to market them, add two entrepreneurs, and the result is QSBR Innovations Inc., a firm on the verge of bringing two exciting new energy-related technologies to market: Passive Back Flow (PBF) and Integral Stagnation Control (ISC).

Janice Mady, director of Queen’s University’s Industry Partnerships & Innovation Park, calls their exciting new InnovationXL program, “the latest step on the journey.”